Visualize & Dashboard

What can I do on the Visualize and Dashboard pages?

Visualization and Dashboard pages allow you to visualize the logs in your environment. In Kibana, Dashboards are comprised of Visualizations. To get started:

  1. Build a visualization on the Visualize page
  2. Build a dashboard consisting of visualizations on the Dashboard page

Building a visualization

To build a visualization, navigate to the Visualize tab in Kibana and click Create Visualization

Select the visualization that fits your use case:

Select your Index, or a previously-created saved search.

Specify your filter/search - specify a Y and X-axis based on your use case, hit update and then save.

Congrats! You've created your first Visualization. You can use this visualization to build a Dashboard.

Building a Dashboard

To build a visualization, navigate to the Dashboard tab in Kibana. Click Create dashboard and then the Add Existing link.

Select one of the previously-created Visualizations:

Click the Save button and give your dashboard a Title and Description.

Congrats, you've created your first dashboard!

What’s Next