About observIQ

Log management Made Simple

observIQ is a simple and powerful hosted log management platform. It easily and efficiently centralizes logs from your applications and infrastructure so you can rapidly identify and solve problems in your environment.


Why choose observIQ?

  • observIQ is simple to use. Deploy end-to-end log management in minutes with guided, single-line agent installation, automated log parsing, and pre-made dashboards. Manage the lifecycle of our agents and sources from the comfort of the UI.
  • observIQ is fast. Powered by Stanza, observIQ’s open-source log agent (find out more on our github page), efficiently and safely ships logs at any volume.
  • observIQ is cost-effective. Our straightforward plans are priced 50% less than the competition. No hidden costs or special training required to deploy and manage. All features are available in every plan, with no restrictions (including our free plan!). Check out plans here.
  • observIQ is flexible. observIQ provides nearly 50 pre-built integrations (Sources) for popular technologies. From Windows to Syslog to Kubernetes, observIQ provides the flexibility to ingest any log event.
  • observIQ offers expert and timely support, across all of our plans at no additional charge. Reach out via in-app chat or e-mail at any time.

What are the key features?

  • Single-line log agent installation
  • 50 pre-built Sources for popular technologies
  • Powerful search
  • Agent lifecycle management directly from the UI
  • Automated log parsing and enrichment
  • Pre-made Dashboards for popular technologies
  • Alerts
  • Live Tail
  • Log archiving to external buckets

How do I ship logs to observIQ?

Logs are shipped to observIQ using the observIQ log agent. Install and manage the agent directly from the observIQ UI and then add a Source to the agent to easily parse, enrich logs coming from popular technologies. You can find a list of supported Platforms and Sources below.

Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Kubernetes
  • Openshift

Popular Sources (full list here)

If you don’t see a desired technology you’re looking for on the list, please reach out to our customer success team via e-mail or in-app chat.

What’s Next