Configure Ubiquiti Log Source with observIQ


Configure Ubiquiti to output logs to syslog:

  1. Log in to the UniFi Controller’s web interface.
  2. Click Settings (the gear icon) in the bottom left corner.
  3. Navigate to Remote Logging.
  4. Enable the Syslog option.
  5. Enter the observIQ Collector IP address for the Syslog Host.
  6. Enter 514 for the Syslog Port.

It may be necessary to add an inbound firewall rule.
For Windows:

  • Navigate to Windows Firewall Advanced Settings, and then Inbound Rules
  • Create a new rule and set the Rule Type to "Port"
  • For Protocol and Ports, select "UDP" and a specific local port of 514
  • For Action, select "Allow the connection"
  • For Profile, apply to "Doman", "Private", and "Public"
  • Set a name to easily identify rule, such as "Allow Syslog Inbound Connections to 514 UDP"




Listen Address

Use this field to verify the path to the Listen Address, a syslog address in the form of ': '. The default is ''

Geographic Location

The geographic location (timezone) to use when parsing logs that contain a timestamp

Log Types




Users can configure dashboards using visualizations. More information can be found on our visualizations and dashboards page.


For more information on the advanced configuration capabilities, see our detailed plugin guide here.