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Configure Log Sources in observIQ

What is a Source?

A Source is a preconfigured parsing pipeline designed to gather, parse, and enrich logs from popular technologies.

Sources are simple in design, minimizing the configuration and effort necessary to ship logs to observIQ. Sources contain the parsing rules under the hood, to neatly parse your logs into useful fields.

Configuring a Source is simple - you typically only needs to specify file path to a desired log file in the Source Configuration - that's it!

Typical Source Configuration example

How do I use a Source?

Sources are Added to agents or Templates and provide the instructions to the log agent on how and where to gather your logs, and also give the instructions on how to parse the logs as well.

NGINX Source added to Agent

Currently, observIQ supports about 50 different sources for various technologies.


If you can't find a Source you're looking for, check out one of our generic sources like Custom Input, File, JournalD, Tail or Syslog, which can help you bring any log type to observIQ.

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Configure Log Sources in observIQ

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