Billing and Plan Information

You can sign up for a plan with observIQ at anytime during the 14-day Trial period in the Billing portal.

Billing Plans


Monthly minimum

Price per GB ingested


3 day (fr33)


$0 (up to 3GB/day)

3 days

7 day



7 days

14 day



14 days

30 day



30 days


What’s the difference between the plans?

observIQ Cloud has four tiers based on the amount of time you'd like to retain your logs. The tiers are 3 (free), 7, 14, and 30 days.

3-day (free) plan: how does it work?

As the name indicates, this plan is completely free - no credit card required. With the 3-day plan, you can ingest up to 3 gigabytes of logs/day, and retain them for 3 days as well. If you exceed 3 gigabytes of ingestion in a day, any additional logs gathered will be discarded until 12:00 am EST the following day. No overage charges will ever be applied to your account.

What are the billing mechanisms?

In addition to a monthly minimum charge, customers are billed based volume of ingested logs over the past month.

How is billing processed?

Customers sign up with their credit card and payment is processed through our integrated Stripe billing system.

How do the Billing Periods work?

The billing period begins as soon as a customer signs-up for a plan.

The monthly minimum for the plan will be processed immediately and then the next bill will be at the end of the cycle for the consumption.

Customers are charged the minimum amount for the plan on Day 1 and any overage is added to at the end of the 30 day billing cycle.

Billing Cycle Example

A Customer signs up for a 30 day plan. Immediately, they are charged the $100 monthly minimum charge. They ingest 70 GB of logs over the next 30 day billing period.

Those consumption charges are: 70 GB x $1.50 = $105

The customer will then be billed for the $5 overage at the end of the billing period.

Is there a penalty for changing, downgrading, or cancelling plans?

No. There is no penalty for changing, downgrading or cancelling plans. We offer maximum flexibility for customers and don’t have a penalty for switching between plans.

How does a customer determine their billable consumption amount if they have not used log monitoring before?

We offer a fully featured 14 day trial period. During that time, you can set up log monitoring and understand what your consumption would be within our billing portal. From there, you can estimate what a monthly bill would cost you.

What if a customer had a procurement process that requires PO or other advanced requirements to sign up for a paid-for plan?

Contact [email protected] and we would be happy to accommodate your company’s vendor policies.


Contact Sales

Contact our sales team with any other billing related question at [email protected]