Install an observIQ Agent (Kubernetes/Openshift)

Installing an observIQ agent on Kubernetes or Openshift.

To install an agent on Kubernetes or Openshift, navigate to the Fleet page. Click the Add Agent button.

After clicking Add Agent, choose the appropriate Platform for your agent. Click New Template.

For Kubernetes, enter a name for the template as well as a cluster name. Next, enable any log types you wish to collect with any names, paths, or namespaces required. Once finished, click "Create".
For Openshift, enter a name for the template. Next, under Containers Log Path enter the path to the journald logs. Then enter a Cluster Name and enable any log types you wish to collect. Once finished, click Create.

To add a source to your template, click Add Source.

To see more about adding or configuring a source, see Add a Source to your Agent.

Once done configuring any sources, you can add an agent. Click Add Agent.

Copy or download the provided YAML file and save it to your machine as observiq-agent.yaml. Then, run kubectl apply -f observiq-agent.yaml from the directory where the file was saved.

The agent installer will run, download the required files automatically, and install the agent in less than 30 seconds.

After a successful installation, navigate Fleet > Agents page. You'll see your newly-installed Agent!

Congrats! You've installed your first observIQ Log Agent! Next step - View your logs.

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