Shipping logs from Kubernetes


observIQ gives you flexibility to parse, ship and enrich logs from any Kubernetes, GKE, AKS, or EKS cluster. Utilizing a Template, you can deploy observIQ Agents and Sources, giving you the ability to:

  • Gather Container Logs allowing you to gather logs from one, many, or all of the applications running in your cluster.

  • Gather Cluster/Node Logs such as Kubelet, api-server, controller-manager, proxy and scheduler manager.

  • Gather Cluster Events collected directly from the Kubernetes API, allowing you to correlate with the application and node-level logs.

  • Gather Container Logs for a specific Source or Application running on Kubernetes

  • Gather all of the Container, Node, Cluster Events, and Application logs

  • Easily enable enable or disable log collection directly from a Template

Currently, observIQ supports both Docker and ContainerD container runtime logging formats.

What’s Next