Stack Management

The Stack Management tab gives you some additional visibility and control of the underlying index and saved objects in your account.

After clicking on the Stack Management tab, you'll be presented with 2 options:

  • Index Patterns
  • Saved Objects

Index pattern

Selecting the Index Patterns page will take users to a deeper view of their index. On this page, you can see all fields that have been indexed, the field type, and whether or not the fields are searchable or aggregatable.

Clicking the Edit pencil button at the far right of the field row brings allows to customize the field a bit further. You can change the format of the field (note: in Kibana only, does not change the underlying data type), as well as the popularity of the field (impacts the ranking in the available fields section on the Discover tab).

On this page, you may also see Mapping Conflicts in the event the data type of a field changes. The data type of a field is reset periodically.

Saved Objects

Selecting the Saved Objects page will take you to a list of your shared objects, such as Dashboards and Visualizations. From here, you can search, inspect, export, share, and delete your saved objects.