Getting Started

Get up and running in observIQ in just a few minutes

Welcome to observIQ!

Welcome to observIQ! Follow the steps below to ship your logs to observIQ, in just a few minutes.

1. Add an Agent


After signing in to observIQ, you'll be taken to our Onboarding page. Choose your platform from the drop-down. The platform-specific source is enabled by default. Click Next to go to the agent installation page. Now, copy and run the installation command on the host you'd like to gather logs from. For specific information on setting up different platforms, visit Linux/Windows/MacOS or Kubernetes/Openshift

After running the installation command, your agent will appear in the table below. Click Next to go to the Sources page.

2. Add a Source to your Agent


Next, choose your Source from the list (note: if you don't see your desired source on the list, use one of our Generic sources or reach out to our Customer Success team). Verify the configuration parameters match your system configuration, then click Create.

See Add a Source to your Agent for more information.

3. Explore your Logs


After adding a Source to your agent, click Finish Setup to exit the Onboarding page. On the Explore page you can now start diving into your logs. You can sort, search and visualize your logs using Dynamic Filters, pre-made Dashboards and more. Learn more with View your logs.

Next Steps

Now that your logs are flowing to observIQ, you can dive into observIQ's rich feature set:

  • Dashboards: Visualize your data with pre-built dashboards or use visualizations to create your own.
  • Alerts: Create alerts and notifiers with email, Slack, or PagerDuty.
  • Live Tail: Use Live Tail to debug your applications and infrastructure in real-time.

What’s Next