Cluster/Node Logs

Gather kubelet, api-server, controller-manager, scheduler, controller-manager and general node logs from k8s

To gather your Cluster/Node logs from Kubernetes, follow the below steps:

1) Create a Template

Navigate to the Fleet > Template page and click Add Template


Select Kubernetes as the Platform, fill in a Template Name and Cluster Name, select the Enable Node Logs option, and click Create. Note: by default, observIQ will gather logs from all of your applications. You may specify a specific pod or container if you prefer to narrow the scope.


2) Deploy observIQ Agent with observiq-agent.yaml

On the Template > [Template Name] page, click Add Agents.


On the Install Kubernetes Agents page, copy or download the observiq-agent.yaml, and use the provided kubectl command to deploy to your cluster.


After a few minutes, return to your Template. You'll see the Agents deployed to your Cluster, one for each Node (deployed as a Daemonset).


3) Explore your logs

Return to the Explore page, you'll now see your Kubernetes Cluster/Node logs flowing into observIQ!


Additionally, because you selected Node as an Option in your Template, you'll have the [oiq] k8s - Overview Dashboard and corresponding visualizations automatically installed to your account.