AWS Cloudwatch

Remotely Collect AWS Cloudwatch Logs


ObservIQ supports credentials of the follow types:

  • Environment Variables (Details here)
  • Shared Credentials file (Details here),
  • Shared Configuration file (if SharedConfig is enabled details here) ,
  • EC2 Instance Metadata (credentials only details here).


The AWS Cloudwatch log source will gather logs remotely from the AWS Cloudwatch api.



Log Group Name

The Cloudwatch Logs log group name.


The AWS region to be used.

Log Stream Name Prefix

The log stream name prefix to use. This will find any log stream name in the group with the starting prefix.

Log Stream Names

Log stream names from which to get events. Cannot be used with log_stream_name_prefix.


The profile to use for authentication. Details on named profiles can be found here.

Event Limit

The maximum number of events to return per call.

Poll Interval

The duration between event calls.

Start At

Choose whether to start reading from the beginning or end of a file with "end" being the default.

Log Type

Adds label log_type to identify AWS Cloudwatch Log source.

Log Types




Users can configure custom dashboards using visualizations. More information can be found on our visualizations and dashboards page.


For more information on the advanced configuration capabilities, see our detailed plugin guide here.