Attaching Notifiers

Notifiers allow you customize how you are alerted when a new Incident is opened.

Create a Notifier

From the Alerts > Notifiers page, click Add Notifier.


This will bring you to the Notifier Creation page where you can configure a new notifier.


Email notifications can be setup to any or all of the users authorized on the current account.

Slack notifications can be setup by setting up an incoming slack webook.

PagerDuty notifications can be setup by creating a generic events api integration and using the integration key.

Attaching a Notifier to an Alert Definition

Once you've created a Notifier you now need to attach it to an alert definition. This can either be done by attaching it when you create a new alert definition, see Creating an Alert Definition, or when you edit an alert definition, see Editing/Viewing Definitions.